Khalas Dates

Originally from Saudi Arabia, Khalas means “quintessence or the ideal.” Khalas Dates are oblong in shape and are eaten at all three stages of ripeness. Khalas is a very popular everyday eating Date found throughout the Middle East and North Africa with a toffee-like a flavour. The Desert Fruit Khalas is specifically sweet from late-season ripeness and high heat of the granite soils. Great Treacle flavor the date is very soft and prized as a Rutab date.


Puniya Enterprises sells Khalas dates at the following stages.



Fresh and crisp date with sweet juicy inside.

Half Rutab


The start of the natural ripening process, the honey date, very soft caramel and juicy.



Natural dried Date, soft and chewy in texture concentrated sugar and nutty flavour.

Premium Grade

Smooth skin with a medium yellow colour crisp sweet and a thin skin. Rutab dates will start the natural drying process and may vary of completeness very soft, delicate and juicy.

Class Grade

The concentrated Treacle Flavour of the Khalas Date when natural dried is a taste sensation, soft sweet and easy eating. Desert Fruit Packs natural dried Khalas in an Premium and Class Grade.